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Hello everyone, this is Jan-Joost again writing to you today. First and foremost, I am by now a wine lover like many other people who regularly visit Quinto Miglio and order their favorite bottles coming from the heart of Tuscany. Each and every one of us enjoys a glass of this authentic and traditionally produced bottles of fine wine and Quinto Miglio is just the right place to go because at Quinto Miglio there is a huge selection of wines waiting for us. So why am I telling you all those things you already know you might ask yourself. Well, I have a follow up on a story I previously shared with you and Quinto because, without his great wines, nothing of this would have been possible so I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone at Quinto Miglio for their outstanding service and super-fast delivery, so here is what happened.

Remember that team-building event for those two online casinos I was talking about? To prepare myself for the meeting, I got curious and took a closer look at their website. As it turns out, they also have a live casino. So, there I was, I didn’t know much about wine and had to prepare for a team building event with online casino representatives and I did not know much about online casinos either. I decided to tackle the wine question first and as I mentioned before, I was able to find enough information on Quinto Miglio to create that quiz I needed so badly. That was exactly the moment when I placed my first order, by the way, looking back at that moment, I think that must have been also the moment when I turned into a wine lover. That left me with facing the problem that I did not know anything about online casino gambling and there was no way that I would show up to an event I was in charge off without knowing anything about the business of those guys.

Thankfully, their website is very easy to understand and I had no problems educating myself on online casino gambling. The live casino I was talking about was the section that got my attention right away though. It is actually like a real casino with a dealer and real people, I had no idea that something like this even exists. The live casino is streamed over the internet and you can even talk to everyone around you, just like you would in a real casino. There I was playing one of the games and having a good time and lots of fun.

The team-building event itself went very smoothly and I could see that it was a real success. In fact, my clients loved it so much that they booked another event with me and by now they are regularly taking part in our events. So without Quinto I would have never been able to land such a long term client and I would also have never found out how much fun Black Jack in a live casino or how much I would enjoy a nice glass of wine here and there.