Roulette Regeln

Lombardy is a typical region for wine producers. The climate is just ideal for the wine grapes to grow with the sun and northern Italian earth giving them a rare and typical flavor. That makes the wine of this region so unique and popular among wine enthusiasts all over the world. The region suffered from a world market, that has been heavily dominated by cheaper foreign producers. While here in Lombardy and especially for us at Quito Miglio it has always been about the traditional way how our Lombardy wines are produced. We do not use pesticides to increase grape growth and heavy machinery to mass-produce our wines like so many other producers do. Unfortunately, that had an impact on our sales as well over the past few years. There is just no common standard on wine production unlike a certain set of rules when you play games, for example, the Roulette regeln.

Fortunately for us and many traditional and smaller producers of our region, it seems as the consumers demand is shifting and people change their behavior when facing a wine shelf at a store. We first saw this development about three years ago and it has been increasing ever since. Since we do not use whatever we can to increase the amount of wine we can make out of our grapes, our prices have always been a bit above average. Quality has always had a certain price and that is especially true when it comes to wine. We would like to remind our readers, that here in Lombardy we do have rules in place similar to the Roulette regeln which determine what can and what can not be called a Lombardy wine. Since customers more and more often opt for the quality wine instead of the cheapest option the Lombardy wine was able to make a comeback. For us, at Quito Miglio it is just a pleasure to see that our hard work and determination are valued and could find a way back into the hearts of wine lovers all around the world.

Lombardy wines are not only finding their way back into the shelves of supermarkets though. It is also back on the wine lists of restaurants all across Europe, Asia and North America and retailers are placing larger orders as well. Now, it would be very easy for us to sell our wines in this way. But we at Quito Miglio will never forget our customers who have been loyal to us when our wines were not in such high demand. When cheaper wines were flooding the market and almost all of our sales were to individual and private households, we were proud to have such loyal customers who value our passion. We always respected the strict production rules just like every player respects the Roulette regeln. At Quinto Miglio we do not forget about our loyal customers and we will always have a tasty bottle of your most favorite Lombardy wine ready to be shipped to your home, that is our promise to everyone who chooses to order their wine from a small and high-quality producer like us.