Wine for a meal

When it comes to choosing the right wine to pair with a meal, there is a lot of conventional wisdom on the subject. For example, people who claim that sweet wines are only suitable with desserts, or that cheeses should only be served with white wines. While these can be good rules of thumb, there are always exceptions and there is no replacement for simply trying the combination.

While you may just choose to take advice from online for a simple meal with close family, if you’re trying to impress, you should really judge the combination of flavors for yourself. Taking a small sip of wine which you think will be suitable, let it linger in your mouth before swallowing and sampling the food you intend to pair with it. If the tastes clash or seem unpleasant, this particularly combination doesn’t work. You should pay attention to the aftertaste as well, and to the feel of the food in your mouth. For example, some soft fatty foods really compliment rich wines with a lot of tannins, by countering the tendency for tannins to dry out your mouth.