The project

To achieve our ideal of community friendship and traditional ties, we realized that one of the most important characteristics that our group must have is a fixed physical location, designed or fitted out to accommodate the activities of the members. The space would be used as a meeting place for the members: a place for social events among the members, as well as offering the opportunity to invite others in for events like wine tastings, talks, training courses, etc.

Out of this meeting place, we would like to build two further projects:

  • A library of books and publications on the topic of wine making and the traditions of the local area. This would ideally be a collaboration with the Municipal Library, offering access to a wide range of material related to the group’s interests. There may also be additional works available on local cuisine and other connected traditions. This would be a collection that would gain in value and utility over time.
  • There would also be an opportunity to store locally made wine within the building, possibly for consumption by members or even for sale. This could offer a way of supporting both the building and interested members, while promoting local wines and products.

At present, neither of these projects is going ahead, and the association remains one focused on social ties between local people. We hope to revive these aspirations in an improved financial environment, but remain committed to our goals of sharing our culture and local traditions among friends and interested parties in the meantime.